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Car parts for sale by owner – Cheap nitro rc cars for sale

Car Parts For Sale By Owner

car parts for sale by owner

    car parts

  • (car part) auto part: a component of an automobile; “his business is auto parts”
  • Body components, including windows and trim: * Center cap * Hubcap and wheel cover (wheel trim) * Inner and outer ring * Lockout hub * Lug bolt and lug nut * Spoke * Stud * Tire (tyre) * Tube * Wheel (aluminium wheel and steel wheel)


  • a person who owns something; “they are searching for the owner of the car”; “who is the owner of that friendly smile?”
  • A person who owns something
  • (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business; “he is the owner of a chain of restaurants”
  • (ownership) the relation of an owner to the thing possessed; possession with the right to transfer possession to others


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  • The activity or business of selling products

Horizontal (Car Parts #2)

Horizontal (Car Parts #2)
You know my story … day job, night school classes, and way to busy with all my obligations (including spring gardening needs). I’ll try to catch up as much as possible.

But … I have lots of shots in my "ready" folder, so I’m going to post 2/day for a "Car Part" series. All shot from a gathering of Classic Cars as they awaited their "road worthy" testing.

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Tree of Car Parts (9 of 9)

Tree of Car Parts (9 of 9)
Walking around Chicago Millennium Park, there were artworks of Car parts and Bicycle parts. The car parts were better, I guess, because they were larger in display. 🙂

My goal here was the capture the shadow of the art work.

All of these shots are handheld with no lens stabilizer.

car parts for sale by owner